Together to PiT®- Best Practice

With our consulting services based on PiT® excellence, we pursue the common goal of sustainably increasing and continuously improving logistics performance with the customer in order to ensure and expand the company's long-term success.

We support you on site and work with you to develop solutions for your individual requirements.

To this end, we accompany you throughout the entire project in the introduction and implementation of our production system PiT®-Produzieren im Takt as well as in continuous improvement processes. Our consultants support you in the digital transformation and enable your organization strategically and operationally on the way to the smart factory. We attach great importance to a professional and pragmatic approach.

Our consulting approach always focuses on customer benefit.

The purpose of our own actions is to help you overcome your challenges and fully exploit your potential. Regardless of whether you need an initial approach to planning and control or the development of digital shopfloor management. With our scalable consulting products, we have the right solution for you and create measurable added value for you - more transparency and an increase in productivity and adherence to deadlines.

The PiT® model of excellence

Mit Pit® bringen wir Sie Schritt für Schritt voran. To this end, we define key success factors in an excellence model and are constantly developing our PiT® production system.


An important starting point for achieving the objectives is professional project management.  We are your central point of contact for the introduction of PiT® - Produzieren im Takt. To this end, we systematically record your requirements and customer wishes and plan the project in all dimensions: Goals, timeline, budget, resources and especially personnel. With the help of both proven and new, agile methods, we create low-waste communication and enable the efficient implementation of projects as well as a successful introduction of PiT® with the defined requirements in the agreed time.

Target excellence

With the clear focus on your benefits in terms of quality, costs and time defined in the target development process, we jointly derive medium to short-term targets. This means that relevant target values and key figures are taken into account in your daily activities, which are displayed in the digital dashboards of 3Liter-PPS®.

The individual teams and divisions know their contribution to the company's success, with team and division targets being derived and defined from the company's objectives. This means that employees have a clear goal in mind and can work in a goal-oriented manner.

Process excellence

Process excellence is a work culture in which continuous process improvement is at the center of all company activities. Using the PiT® principles, we establish a culture of process excellence at your company. Employees are involved in the design and implementation of the relevant PiT® processes and trained in the efficient use of 3Liter-PPS®. The correct use of the PiT® principles and the perfect application of the 3Liter-PPS® as a tool for cycle-oriented planning form the basis for realistic and feasible planning.

Behavioral excellence

We work with you to establish a culture of continuous improvement and accompany you on the way to continuously reducing waste. In this way, employees gradually internalize the PiT® principles and live them unconditionally. In addition, employees are constantly developed as part of the continuous improvement process so that they can independently identify and eliminate waste.

Management excellence

We ensure that work is carried out in accordance with PiT® by jointly establishing sustainable regular communication from rough planning to detailed planning and control and a customer-specific escalation cascade. Together on site, we introduce digital store floor management with 3Liter-PPS® for your different areas and company levels in terms of quality, costs and time. We coach you in the management of key figures and questions in order to reduce waste quickly and sustainably with your professional deviation management. We also teach you a methodical approach to solving problems both effectively and efficiently. Management sets the course for success and always demands compliance with the PiT® principles. Employees are made responsible for achieving entrepreneurial thinking and action.

The PiT® model

"It was absolutely amazing how, just a few months after the introduction of the
3Liter-PPS® , the circulating stocks in production fell."

Schinko GmbH

"With this milestone, we have placed our order management on a new, forward-looking platform. This allows us to decisively influence the levers for shorter throughput times and more reliable deliveries, thereby increasing customer satisfaction."

Robert Bosch GmbH im Musterbau Bamberg

"Thanks to the capacity-checked scheduling, the transparency across all assembly areas and the presentation of employee requirements, this order volume could be mastered at all, and with a calmness and composure in production that we had never experienced before."

BMG Gesellschaft für moderne Informationssysteme mbH

"Planning with the 3Liter-PPS® means that meeting deadlines is no longer an issue for us. We meet every deadline that we promise. And that with constant growth. We would not have achieved this growth without PiT®- Produzieren im Takt."

Lock Antriebstechnik GmbH

"Purposefully structured control loops with short information paths and clear responsibilities, as well as regular communication with active escalation management are also part of PiT® - Produzieren im Takt."

BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH

"With the introduction of PiT® - Produzieren im Takt, we have achieved high delivery reliability and short response times through precisely planned production with simultaneous time flexibility."

REKU Produktion & Entwicklung GmbH