Capacity planning that works

With 3Liter-PPS® you can get a grip on adherence to deadlines,
throughput times and inventories

APS/MES systems currently available on the market are characterized by a high level of detail in the individual functions and basic data. However, the accuracy of the systems suggested by this is only apparent. Due to the scheduling of orders without consideration of the available capacities and  the resulting  dynamics due to daily  disruptions in throughput, the result of the planning is outdated after a very short time. Constant rescheduling and rescheduling of orders makes the daily work of those involved more difficult

The takt as a central element of PiT®- Produzieren im Takt makes it possible for the first time to decouple central, higher-level rough-cut planning from decentralized detailed planning in the organizational units. This unique selling point makes capacity planning feasible without having to constantly chase reality. 3Liter-PPS® is the only software that maps the cycle-oriented planning approach. Our 3Liter-PPS® planning software offers you capacity-checked planning in real time, allowing you to maintain an overview of your value chain at all times. Bottlenecks are visualized simulatively even before scheduling. Your existing organizational flexibility is taken into account during planning. You receive the necessary transparency about your order tracking and capacity utilization as well as convenient key figure reporting, which you can use to track and monitor your targets quickly and easily.

3Liter-PPS® Web - Transparency everywhere

With 3Liter-PPS® Web – you always have the right information in the right place. The parties involved in the process exchange information online.

Whether information about the order or, for example, the call-off of material, the control of sequences, picking and transportation. With the 3Liter PPS, employees are networked and receive the information relevant for timely processing. In addition to the worklist, the relevant key figures are also transparent for each level. It is immediately visible which measures are necessary to achieve the target and their influence on the result. This promotes employee acceptance and motivation.

Everything you need for efficient cycle planning and control - in one mobile application.

Efficient processing at the right time is a success factor for high adherence to deadlines. The WEB-APP provides you with optimum support. Flexible views can be created for each role in the handling process and the necessary functionalities can be provided.

Whether machine allocation, personnel deployment planning, shift planning, feedback or workflow; you always have a view of the essentials. With the integrated ticket system, you can manage faults and deviations quickly, in a focused manner and increase the speed of resolution.

You stay in time!

The key is to display the right information and support employees in achieving their daily goals.

The visualization of key figures on the Shopfloor is very popular. However, the wrong targets are often set. If, for example, productivity is displayed but the workers produce orders too early, the apparent efficiency actually leads to higher inventories, poor adherence to deadlines and the associated problems.

3Liter-PPS Web shows you the right key figures thanks to its innovative planning approach! It creates real transparency: backlog, adherence to deadlines, degree of processing and productivity are transparent for each area and can be aggregated as required.

3Liter-PPS® - convincing technology

scalable - modular - expandable

Modular software

  • Standard software for project-oriented service companies and order-oriented individual and small batch manufacturers
  • High degree of customization and variability
  • High-performance LiveCache system architecture
  • Add-on modules and functionalities
  • Progressive web app
  • Open architecture based on HTML5
  • System-independent access from all mobile devices
  • Modern and responsive web design
  • REST interfaces
  • Cross-platform JAVA application

Fully integratable

  • Interface to your ERP system can be easily integrated
  • Extension of existing ERP systems with cycle-oriented planning while retaining the familiar ERP functionalities
  • Data exchange takes place either via direct communication or on the basis of a database with a standardized data format and an abstracted access layer
  • Possibility of connecting a wide variety of databases
  • ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, ams, APplus, IFS, INFOR and others can be seamlessly integrated
  • Complete ERP integrations with partners

Measurable benefits

  • Modular software modules can be flexibly combined
  • Individually customizable range of functions
  • Capacity-checked planning in real time
  • Continuous planning from development to production
  • Parameterizable planning logic covers both project management and classic contract manufacturing
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Integrated dashboards for all relevant key figures and evaluations

Capacity planning that works!